How to get Many Facebook Likes Fast Free Organic ? (Top 5 Super Ways)

So you have got a Facebook Page and now you are wondering how to get many Facebook Likes fast. So lets unlock some of the best ways to get them.

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1. Use Facebook Blog widget

If you have a business website or a blog, make sure you have a logo or a widget so that people know you exist on Facebook. This way your blog traffic can be directed to your facebook pages and you can get Likes  from them. I know you might be saying that this is pretty obvious but many people don't put up their widget because they have lower number of likes on facebook. So don't be ashamed, all of us have to go through this and you will get likes with this simple option. Facebook is not like your RSS subscribers. All likes will be a broadcast to a much bigger audience on Facebook. So make sure you have that Like button on your site. If you want the link to URL that can give you a Like Box, then head over to this Link.

2. Facebook URL in your Email Signature and Business Cards

Another great way of telling people about your Facebook Page is by embedding the Facebook URL in your Email Signature and business cards. Instead of using a longer, rather use This is a simple method and rather much more catchy than usual URL. Email Signatures cannot simply be overlooked as far as my experience is concerned. It will increase you likes rate by a good factor. If you are in a database and have large number of Subscribers better send an email to all your previous subscribers about your Facebook page. Moreover, you may also add your facebook URL under a cool logo at the end of your blog post so that people may like it there as well.

3.  Banners and Posters of Facebook Page in Physical Events

If you are a music band or a cofee shop, you can create a small event that attract people and add some posters and banners all around for the event with Facebook Page URL. If your idea about the event is great then people will definitely like your Facebook Page even if they are unable to join the event. If you can give away Freebies in the event like ebooks or music CDs or anything then people will definitely get attracted to your business and your website as well and hit likes and if they loved it they will invite friends too.

4. Make it fun for People liking your Page

People will dislike you often if your page isn't entertaining them. So put some funny stuff or something that can make your page viral on facebook. Try troll jokes and if you have a completely different niche, then try google keyword tool and post something that people are looking for. Post some of your pictures with celebrities if you have one, this way people will know about it and they might like it and may be your friends can spread the word of that picture and generate some more likes. You may even start some contests like spot the difference or puzzle and give freebies for the person with first right answer. This does not mean all of your posts must be entertaining and you cannot do any business with it but people will care about your other posts only if they start 'liking' your page. :) 

5. Tag Followers, Use Proper Facebook Name and Be Interactive 

I am going to cover three other ways to grow your Facebook Likes. These are eye opener ways so please pay a close attention.

Tag Followers :

If there are people regularly liking your posts and commenting on them. Why not tag them into your posts? They will be pleased to see that. More than that ask their feedback in the posts that will not only encourage them to read future posts but tagging will spread over to the follower's friends news feed and he might like your page as well.

Use Proper Facebook Page Name for likes :

By this I mean to say that instead of just using your business name in Facebook rather use a niche in your name. Say your business is about furniture, then instead of using a name like Furnbay, use Furnbay Furniture
because people would never ever search for Furnbay but would definitely search for furniture in the search bar. Look up for your competitors under a niche and then decide the name. Make your facebook name a little more attractive by using some other keywords like in case of Furnbay, use Furnbay - Cheapest Furnitures and you will get more interested subscribers.

Be interactive:

People don't like pages that just keep posting stuff but never reply to their comments. So always comment on your posts especially for people who regularly like and comment on your posts. Moreover, think before you comment or post anything. Don't lose your mind seeing any negative comment. Behave well with subscribers just like your customers. Always try to win emotions of your followers. 

That's all I have to share with you all. 

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