Blogger Error : You have been logged out from another location

Error: you have been logged out from another location

Solving Blogger error logged out from another location

Is your account hacked when blogger says logged out from another location?

bloggerIf you are getting this error, you might feel like your account has been hacked or someone else has access to your account from another location. I got this error too and there are small number of bloggers out there who are getting the same error. Some have even switched from blogger to wordpress for getting rid of this. I have been looking for the cause of this problem and surfed a lot online and also tried to contact google for this issue. I am using Google Chrome but I still got this error and I changed my password about 3 times because of this but was still getting this error. So, I thought there must be possibly a glitch in blogger itself. Tried investigating and after some research on the net searching for reason I was getting "You have been logged out from another location" error, I found that there are many users out there having same error and so there was nothing to be tensed about. There have been several discussions in google forums regarding this and reports say that there is possibly a glitch in blogger and blogger is trying to fix it. Blogger recommends that you clear your browser's cache and cookies meanwhile and try checking back again. So anytime you get this error simply click close and continue typing and copy paste the html into your notepad and relogin to complete pasting and updating the post. You may even try using other browsers especially firefox. So even after clearing cache and cookies if you are still getting the same error, just go to this link and post your information in following way:
1) Your Blog Address
2) Your Browser and Version
3) Your Operating System
4) Have you tried using another browser.
5) Which country are you based

And wait for the reply and updation. 

Hope this helped!

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